Why Everyone Landscaper and Nursery Needs a Tree Spade

Tree spades are specialized tools that few landscapers own. After all, tree spades are large, expensive, and it seems like they wouldn’t get used all that often. In truth, tree spades can be an invaluable asset to any landscaping business. They expand the size and scope of jobs that you can tackle and improve customer relations. Here is why you might want to consider a tree spade for your landscaping business and why owning one may keep you busier than you ever imagined.

Boost Job Scope

Some trees are simply too large to move by hand. You can probably physically move a large tree with wagons and hand spades, but it would take you so long that you could never turn a profit. With a tree spade, however, you can move everything from large bushes to medium-sized trees with ease. If you have access to a tree spade and know how to use it, your services will be in demand and residential, commercial, and municipal customers will see your business as offering something that few others can.

Better Customer Relationships

Moving big trees may not seem like a big deal, but the only other alternative is to cut them down. Most of your customers do not want to cut down trees if they can help it. People are making every effort to plant new trees and save existing trees in an effort to protect the environment, so being able to move a tree can be very appealing. Remember that it can take decades for a tree to even reach a moderate height, so being able to move a large tree can have a huge impact on aesthetics and how customers feel about their landscape. You can create mature landscape quickly with a tree spade.

Create Inroads

If you own a tree spade, chances are good that other landscapers will come to you when they have a job they can’t handle. Simply owning this piece of equipment is a great way to not only get your name out to potential customers, but to potential business partners as well. The landscaping industry is well-suited to collaboration. By owning a tree spade, you can ensure that your company is the “go-to” for other contractors who need your specialized services.

The Bottom Line

Tree spades make it possible to preserve trees and prevent loss when roadways are being expanded, the tree has outgrown its location, the design of a landscape is being altered, or the tree itself needs a better site. Transplanting large trees may seem like it is costlier than simply purchasing container stock, but you must consider the long-term value that large trees provide. Juvenile trees not only require more maintenance than their mature counterparts, they are also more prone to disease and damage (e.g. from mowers) and they simply don’t offer the same aesthetic. It is hard to get shade from a 10-foot-tall tree after all.

Purchasing Decisions

Buying a tree spade is a big decision. You will need to consider not only the cost and what you can charge when using the spade, but also how it will impact less tangible aspects of business. Will it boost your status within the industry? Will it improve how customers see you (e.g. more professional, more capable)? Will it expand the scope of jobs you can bid on? When thinking about how a tree spade can benefit your business, take the time to consider multiple angles so that you can make a good decision not only about whether or not to purchase a spade, but which size you ought to purchase as well.




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