Building Your Business: 3 Great Ways to Present at an Expo

Attending an expo is a great way to learn about your industry and about other businesses. Presenting at an expo is an even better idea, however, if you want to spread the word about your business, educate others, and share ideas. By presenting at an expo, you become the center of attention and get to showcase exactly what makes your company unique. Here are three great ways to promote your business at an expo.

Introduce a New Product or Service

The best way to dominate a trade show is offer something that people have never seen before. It may be a new product, a new service, or simply a new way of doing the same old thing. Never underestimate the value of education. If you are good at something, offer to show others how to do it. Chances of creating competitors are actually quite small, but the chances of developing leads and generating positive word-of-mouth are quite high. After all, if people in your industry come to see you as the expert in a particular niche, they are likely to call you when they (or their customers) need your expertise.

Make a Presentation

Trades shows often get media coverage, so making a presentation is a great way to get your company in front of an audience. Of course, that means you really have to put some thought and time into your presentation. Think about what you want people to know about your company and what you can offer that others cannot. The more “sharable” the presentation is on social media and the internet, the better.

Strengthen Your Brand

Branding is a major aspect of any business. Apple is a great example of how brand is just as important as the products and services a company offers. In an industry that depends heavily on trust and reputation, like landscaping and nursery, there is nothing more important than brand recognition. Use an expo to tell the industry how serious, reliable, professional, and dedicated your company is.

If you can, get a booth next to other top companies to gain prestige by association and help people make the connection between you and established brands. Offering education to anyone who visits your booth is a great way to demonstrate your industrial prowess. Be sure to have a clear message to offer visitors and focus your efforts on making connections. Collect business cards, names, emails, and social media information so that you can follow up with contacts and keep the momentum going after the expo is over.

Getting It Right

Getting an expo right is no easy task. You need to prepare well ahead of time and consider every possible angle to ensure your work is a success. To make trade shows work for you, make certain that you attend the right ones (you can’t go to them all, so go to the expos that offer the most return for the time you are investing). Don’t get lost in the hubbub. Develop a clear message, a clear way to brand your company, and stay calm. Every lead you generate is a potential bonus and even if things don’t go perfectly, you’ve learned a great deal for the next go around.



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