Proline Tree Grabber

Landscape Equipment Tree SpadeThe ProLine Tree Grabber, developed by Heritage Oak Farm, is a custom designed tree transporting tool that attaches to a skid steer to allow a single operator to lift, place, and download trees of varying sizes. The Grabber attachment can fit any late model skid steer and saves time and labor while providing a safe transport.

Because the Grabber, Swingin’ Grabber, and other equipment were specifically designed by experienced Heritage Oak Farm Nursery employees, the systems are intended to minimize physical labor while managing high volumes of material.The developers know that trees and shrubs must be efficiently and carefully loaded and transported to ensure satisfied customers.

How Does the Grabber Work?

A single operator can lift, move, load, and unload a tree with a root ball up to 54 inches in diameter. The Grabber comes with unique paddles that gently cradle the root ball of the tree or plant without causing any damage to the root system. The hydraulics driven Grabber and skid steer can haul the tree or plant over rough terrain without any damage to the root ball system.

The Tree Grabber equipment easily attaches to the skid steer and works with the auxiliary hydraulic systems.

Grabber Models

Grabbers are equipped with paddles or Forques, depending upon the requirements of the job. The Forques attachments are straight parallel extensions capable of carrying several similarly sized or single large trees at one time.

The ProLine Grabber comes in two models and with different capabilities. The Grabber 20/36 may be equipped with paddles or Forques, weighing 335 lbs with paddles. This model has a reach of 100 inches.

The Grabber 32/54 can also accommodate paddles or Forques and weighs about 295 lbs with paddles. The 32/54 can reach up to 84 inches.

Swingin’ Grabber

To make efficient use of real estate, nurseries place trees in relatively narrow rows that limit easy access by larger pieces of equipment. The Swingin’ Grabber is an attachment that operates much like the Grabber, yet it can swivel 90° left or right to pick up a tree ball. After gently lifting the tree, the skid steer operator can rotate the Swingin’ Grabber back to the original position and easily depart, either forward or backward, from the aisle.

ProLine Grabber MINI™

The Grabber MINI performs all of the same functions as the Grabber, yet it is attached to a walk-behind skid steer for tighter spots.


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