Tree Handling Equipment

tree_boss_04ProLine Equipment

Highly specialized ProLine equipment and tools help professionals move large trees, pots, and other materials from one place to another. Attached to skid steers, these tools require minimal human labor.

During the years of moving live trees of various kinds and sizes, Heritage Oak Farm of Indiana developed a complete line of specialized tools to transport and transplant from their location to their customers’ sites.


The Grabber is a custom designed extension attached to a skid steer to allow the operator to maneuver an entire tree by grasping the balled root system. With a single operator, the Grabber can pick up, load the transport vehicle, and then place the tree wherever it is destined. Capable of handling root-balls of 14″ to 54″ in diameter, the telescoping arms can reach over 8′.

Swingin’ Grabber

The Swingin’ Grabber attached to a skid steer works similar to the Grabber, yet it can operate in tight spaces or aisles. The equipment may rotate 90° to pick up a pot or root ball to the right or left, then straighten to be moved away for loading.


A Forques attachment is designed to pick up and carry multiple trees at once. The extensions are capable of transporting three 24″ root-balls at once and are also suited for removing boulders.

Pot Handler

Many trees at nurseries are grown and matured in pots. To facilitate moving these items, the ProLine Pot Handler skid steer attachment arms encircle the container for gentle lifting and placement. The Pot Handler can lift pots up to 40″ in diameter.

Tree Tyer

Another attachment, the Tree Tyer, is designed to encompass the tree with circular arms to gently compress the limbs for easy tying and transport.

Pot Forks

ProLine Pot Forks attachment is a skid steer attachment consisting of up to ten parallel tines that can be set to carry 100 one-gallon pots at a single time. The Pot Forks are adjustable for larger sized pots.

Tree Auger

Another indispensable ProLine tool is the Tree Auger. Set at a 25° angle this tool makes easy work of hole digging for any size tree, requiring no hand clean-out.

ProLine Shovel

The Shovel attachment is perfect for culling trees, digging trenches easily, and removing mulch and debris from a location.


Available in 48″ or 60″ lengths, the Grapple attachment collects and carries large logs, branches, and boulders.



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