The Business Benefits of Offering Tree Removal

Business Benefits of Offering Tree Removal Service

For any business, adding additional services for existing clients is a good way to generate incremental income. Moreover, sometimes that added service can bring new customers to your door.

Professional landscapers who add a tree removal option to their portfolio of offerings become a more valuable resource for their clients. It makes sense that the company that plants, prunes, and maintains trees would also be the one who removes them and possibly replaces them.

Tree Removal: What It Takes

Providing a tree removal service requires learning about the health and care of trees as well as how to safely remove one. However, you will first need to know how to determine if a tree requires removal or not. Salvaging trees can also be an option that could work in your favor.

Most people prefer to have a professional whom they trust with all the right tools to take the tree down and haul away the limbs and branches. Stump grinding is commonly needed as well, a process that calls for another set of tools.

Since taking out large trees requires more than a good chainsaw, a professional landscaping/tree removal service can save the homeowner all of the cost of expensive tools, labor, and physical risk required for a do-it-yourself job.

At a minimum, the investment to begin tree removal would include saws, ropes and lines, ladders, wood chipper, and stump grinder, plus the truck to carry it all.

Additional Revenue for a Landscaper

According to the landscaping experts at Heritage Oak Farm, the average cost to remove a tree is $650. Depending on the size of the trees, the cost may be far more. Stump grinding can be an additional cost.

On the cost recovery side, the wood chips from reducing the limbs, branches, and stumps can be resold as mulch or sold for reforming into wood pellets. Logs may also be sold as firewood.

Expand the Value of Your Services

Being able to handle all of your clients’ landscaping needs should be the professional landscaper’s objective. Being the “go-to” person or company for every matter makes life easier for the customer and keeps them from looking elsewhere for help on anything related to their outdoor living areas.

Between solidifying your customer relationships with another problem solving solution and earning more revenue, adding tree removal to your portfolio is a very compatible addition.



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