Equipment to Transplant Trees the Right Way


Experienced landscapers know that transporting and transplanting trees is a delicate operation. Removal of the tree from one location, then moving and replanting it in another, exposes many opportunities to damage the tree and jeopardize its survival. Tree rootballs are heavy while limbs are delicate. The combination of these contrasting characteristics makes handling tricky.

Heritage Oak Farm, originally a producer of a variety of tree types for landscapers and developers, uses their vast tree handling experience to create a complete line of nursery and tree management equipment and accessories to simplify handling and moving trees efficiently without damage.

Heritage Oak Farm’s ProLine™ is a complete line of equipment designed to enhance productivity for landscape and nursery workers. Each new concept is extensively field-tested to ensure that it delivers the promise of safety, efficiency, reliability, and cost effectiveness.


ProLine “GRABBER™” is an attachment designed for any late model skid steer loader. This extension is designed to lift, move, load, and unload B&B and container trees easily from one location to another for transplanting. The equipment attaches easily and the paddles safely handle rootballs as small as 14” up to large 54” diameters.

For transporting multiple plants, the Forques™ extension can lift and carry three trees up to 28” each. Telescoping arms reach up to eight feet to raise and set trees on truck beds or other hard-to-reach places.

Heritage Oak Farm also produces the GRABBERMINI™ that can be attached to many walk-behind machine models.


Designed by people who have actually done the work, the POTHANDLER is affixed to a standard late model skid steer and is equipped with rounded arms to lift secure tree pots up to 40” in diameter. The rounded “paws” are lined with rubber to handle even fragile terracotta pots gently without breaking during transport.

ProLine Tree Auger

Heritage Oak Farm Tree Auger is designed to penetrate the toughest earth while digging a new home for any transplanted tree. The Tree Augur produces a clean hole that keeps the dirt from falling back as the auger digs deeper. This efficient labor-saving device is designed for a 25° angle and can accommodate any size transplant.

Transplanting Made Easy

With Heritage Oak Farm equipment and attachments, transplanting small or large trees and shrubs become almost automatic. For answers to your questions, call the transplant experts at 888-288-5308.



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