Equipment Solutions for Tree Planting

Building upon their decades of growing, moving, and planting trees and plants, Heritage Oak Farm of Indiana has developed a super efficient line of equipment specifically designed to make each phase of this hefty work easier. From lifting and hauling to placing and planting, their ProLine™ equipment can manage trees of any size without manual effort.

Equipment Designed for Each Step

Trees and their rootballs can be extremely heavy and cumbersome when you consider that a young 10-foot tree might come with a 38-inch rootball and the total weighs about 1,000 lbs. A twenty-foot tree and ball can weigh up to 6,000 pounds.

Even a gang of healthy nursery workers cannot efficiently move an average sized tree without some mechanical assistance.

Equipment for Moving Trees from Nursery to Destination

The ProLine Grabber™ and Swinging Grabber are extensions for late model skid steers that lift and move various sized plants and tree rootballs without distorting or damaging them. Equipped with paddles to carefully lift and carry the material, the Grabber can handle rootballs as large as 54” in diameter. The Grabber is capable of lifting and hauling items that weigh up to 3000 lbs.

The Grabber with extendable arms is capable of lifting trees up to a height of about eight feet to a flatbed for hauling to another site.

Digging the Hole

Trees require a hole that will sufficiently surround and cover the tree ball. The ProLine Tree Auger cuts through the hardest soils and keeps the dirt from falling into the hole while digging. The result: a clean, precisely dug cavity, sufficiently broad and deep enough to lower the tree ball for perfect planting. As a result, there will be no hand digging.

Transplanting Trees

ProLine Shovel™ is designed for transplanting trees from one onsite location to another. The Shovel can lift rootballs up to 40” and carry them to another place.

Lowering the Tree

Once the hole is properly dug using the ProLine’s Tree Auger or Shovel, the Grabber can retrieve the tree, and by using the extendable arms, place the tree precisely in place.

The whole process can be mechanized and accelerated which will eliminate damage to the tree and physical harm to individuals.

Contact Heritage Oak Farm

For more information about ProLine Nursery Equipment, call the experts at 888.288.5308.



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