Do It Right: Use Heritage Oak Farm’s ProLine Nursery Equipment

Heritage Oak Farm of Indiana began by growing, marketing, and delivering trees of all types. Over time, the company developed specialized equipment to facilitate every process.

Their ProLine® group of tree handling equipment is the state-of-the-art answer to saving time and money while reducing damage and adding efficiency. These extensions can be mounted on conventional skid steers and are ideal for tree farmers, professional landscapers, and nursery operators.


The Grabber™ is designed to move root balls between 14” and 54” in diameter. Both Grabber models easily attach and come with auxiliary hydraulics. The telescoping arms reach up to 8 feet for easy loading and unloading.

The paddles on the Grabber coddle root balls gently and reduce damage when lifting and transporting. The Grabber can move boulders weighing up to 3000 lbs.

For smaller projects, the ProLine GrabberMINI™ attaches to common walk-behind equipment like Dingo, Ramrod, Ditchwitch, and more.

Swingin’ Grabber

The Swingin’ Grabber™ is designed for growers operating in compact spaces. The device can turn 90° and lift trees within narrow rows without turning the skid steer.


Alternatively, as paddle attachments on the Grabber, Forques™ are designed for moving multiple root balls at one time. Forques can handle three 24” rootballs at once and benefit from the Grabber’s extending arms for placement of the stock.


The PotHandler™ handles some specific transplanting jobs. Capable of gently lifting and carrying even delicate terracotta pots up to 40” in diameter, the PotHandler encircles pots with 4 padded paws.

Tree Tyer

The Tree Tyer™ gently lifts and compresses the tree limbs for manual tying.

Pot Forks

The Pot Fork™ consists of multiple tines that allow the operator to move multiple pots sized from one to fifteen gallons. The equipment adapts to any size pots and may be custom designed and built by Heritage Oak Farm.


For transplanting, removing rocks, and more, the ProLine Shovel™ is more precise and easier to operate than standard tree spades.

Tree Auger

ProLine’s Tree Auger™ makes quick and neat work of digging holes for planting while eliminating any hand digging.


The ProLine Grapple is available in 48” and 60” lengths. The Grapple is ideal for collecting and moving logs, limbs, and other debris from a site.

Contact Heritage Oak Farm for more information about their ProLine group of versatile tree handling equipment at 888.288.5308.



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